We do accept Drop Off Items for DTG

Pricing includes a one location print and pre-treatment


1-5 Pieces

White/Light Color


Medium to Dark Colors


​6-11 Pieces

White/Light Color

Medium to Dark Colors

12+ Pieces

White/Light Color


Medium to Dark Colors


Bulk Discounts available for orders over 200 pieces





Due to rising cost, Beginning on

November 1st 2022

Our Embroidery Pricing will begin at $12

We Now offer Direct to Garment Printing!

What is DTG?

DTG is a printing method that prints ink directly onto a fabric garment similar to how a paper printer prints onto a sheet of paper.

Why DTG?

DTG has several advantages

  • No Minimum Order Requirements
    • Only need one shirt? No problem at all. Unlike screen printing which can be a time consuming process to setup, DTG allows us to print one shirt just as easily as many shirts
  • Turn Around Times
    • ​DTG printing can allow fast turn around times in comparison with traditional screen printing. Potentially same day printing if you bring your own shirt and already have your design ready to go.
  • "Picture Perfect"
    • Since DTG prints on a shirt just like your at home Inkjet Printer, we are able to print pictures and images more accurately than traditional screen printing. 
  • Water-based Ink
    • Water-based ink makes this printing method eco-friendly as well as gives the end result a softer feel than traditional screen printing.

Things to keep in mind

  • DTG printing is done Primarily on 100% cotton shirts
    • While blends up to 50% polyester can be printed they may not come out as cleanly as printing on 100% cotton.
    • We strongly recommend sticking with 100% cotton for best results for this printing method.
  • Color Shirts vs White Shirts
    • ​While white shirts are preferred, color shirts are able to be printed with the DTG method. They do have a slightly different feel as unlike with white shirts, we must use white ink as a base to print on color shirts. Design Colors may come out slightly different as a result of printing on that white base.
  • Pre-Treatment
    • We offer pre-treatment for all shirts. Pre-treatment helps create a barrier on the T-Shirt fibers to help the ink sit on top of the shirt for more vibrant color and printing. While this is primarialy done on color shirts that require white ink, we do offer pre-treatment on White Shirts*. If you would like your white shirt pre-treated please keep in mind Pre-treatment can leave a slight staining affect and we strongly recommend you wash/rinse your white shirt before wearing outside to prevent UV Yellowing.